Game Rules


1.1 This page sets out the rules applicable to the Games on the Weekly7 platform (“Game Rules”).

1.2 These Game Rules form part of the Player Terms . It is therefore important that you read the Player Terms in addition to these Game Rules. Where there is conflict between the Game Rules and Player Terms, the Player Terms shall take precedence in the event of and only to the extent of,
any such inconsistency.

1.3 Unless defined here, any capitalised terms shall have the meaning set out in the Player Terms.

1.4 It is important that you read these Game Rules carefully before you play a Game on the Platform as when you enter a Game you confirm that you agree to be bound by the Game Rules. If you do not wish to accept these Game Rules then please do not play any Game on the Platform as we will consider a Game entry as unqualified acceptance of these Game Rules. If you have any questions about these Game Rules then please contact us using the contact details on the Platform.

1.5 We may change the Game Rules from time to time. If we deem any such change to be material in nature, we will take reasonable steps to bring the change to your attention by either email or a notification on the Platform. By continuing to use the Platform, and by entering a Game after any such change, you are deemed to accept any changes.

1.6 These Game Rules apply only to the Platform specified in paragraph 1.1 above. If you use your Account with us to access any Other Platform different rules may apply and you are encouraged to read them accordingly.


2.1 In these Game Rules, each individual competition made available is referred to as a “Game”.

2.2 We currently operate one competition on the Platform which is made available from time to time at our sole discretion.

2.3 In this free exciting competition, users invited to predict the correct score of multiple football matches. The football matches are pre-selected by us at our sole discretion (each a “Match” or together “Matches”).

See below for full details on the rules.


3.1 To enter a Game, you must:

3.1.1 log in to your Account on the Platform;

3.1.2 find the next Game in the ‘Lobby’ when logged in;

3.1.3 enter your correct score prediction for each Match for the applicable Game (the “Picks”); and

3.1.4 confirm and submit your entry before the specified closing time and date which will be an hour before the scheduled start of the first Match, unless stated otherwise. In the event we advertise a maximum cap on the total number of entries, the closing time and date will be the earlier of (1) the maximum cap on entries being reached; or (2) an hour before the scheduled start of the first Match.

3.2 After you have submitted your Picks you may not edit them, even if the first Match in the Game has not begun. It is your responsibility to check that the selections you submit are correct before confirming your Game entry.

3.3 All confirmed Game entries are subject to our approval and we may, in our sole and absolute discretion, decide to refuse or stop entries to a Game at any time. If this applies, you will be notified that your Game entry has not been successful.

3.4 Any entries submitted after the closing time and date set out in paragraph 3.1.4 are automatically refused and, in the event a technical glitch allows submission, will be considered void. The number, time and date of your submission will be determined solely by our back-office records.


4.1 Entry to each Game is currently free, unless stated otherwise. Ordinary data charges may however apply in using the internet to access our Platform.


5.1 Subject to paragraph 3.3 above, you may enter each Game once.

5.2 If we suspect that any one individual has made or may have made more than one entry to a Game then we may disqualify all entries that we suspect have been made by that individual.

5.3 If we suspect that any one individual has or may have created more than one Account to submit additional entries to any Game then we may block all of that individual’s Accounts from submitting Game entries, and further suspend or close the Accounts as appropriate.

5.4 When assessing whether to disqualify any entries on the grounds that the maximum number of entries per individual may have been exceeded, we may, at our sole discretion, base our decision on the user’s email address, name, IP address or any other information, data, or any other variables or factors.


6.1 Game entries accepted by us will be provided with a unique reference number and a copy of the Game entry will be available in the ‘Leaderboard’ tab at the bottom of the page when logged into your Account. On the leaderboard page you can also view the entries of other users.

6.2 Where there is any disagreement as to the details or status of a Game entry, our records will be the primary source of evidence.


7.1 A single point is allocated to each Match.

7.2 Each correctly predicted score with accumulate one point. Each incorrect score prediction will accumulate zero points.

7.3 Simply, the users with the most points will occupy the highest positions in the leaderboard. Unless advertised otherwise, the leaderboard is for ‘bragging rights’ only and no prizes are payable to the users who feature highest.

7.4 In the event that more than one user accumulates the same amount of points in a Game, the leaderboard position will be shared and subsequent positions will be adjusted to reflect multiple users holding a single leaderboard position. For example:

7.4.1 if two users finished with the equal most amount of points, the user with the second most amount of points would finish third;

7.4.2 if two users finished with the equal most amount of points and another two users finished with the second most amount of points, the user with the third most amount of points would finish fifth.


8.1 We settle each Match in accordance with various sources available to us but primarily based on a data feed received from Stats Perform.

8.2 Save where stated otherwise in these Game Rules or the Player Terms, Matches will be settled after the relevant football match ends and the result is known. Any changes to the result after the original result is published (including by the relevant governing association, body or organisation) will not be taken into account.

8.3 The following general rules will apply to the determination of each Match:

8.3.1 All Matches are based on the score at the end of the first ninety minutes plus any stoppage time (“Regular Time”). Any extra time or penalties (where applicable) will not count.

8.3.2 If Regular Time is not completed for any reason, each entry for that Match will be voided and the prizes available will adjust in accordance with section 9 below.


9.1 We currently offer a guaranteed prize pool for each Game. This means that the prize available for each Game will not change depending on the number of entries or the amount staked. However, please note that the prize pool may reduce if not all Matches in a Game are completed or take place.

9.2 The prize(s) awarded to the winner(s) of each Game will be prominently advertised by us on the Platform prior to the Game. Except in the case of an obvious error, the advertised prizes will be the prizes awarded for the applicable game.

9.3 Notwithstanding the above, the prizes will generally be as set out below, however, this is a guide only, subject to change and as per above the prize will be as advertised in each case:

9.3.1 The £1,000,000 Game

(a) Users who correct predict the final score of all seven Matches will win a share of £1,000,000 (one million pounds sterling) (“Jackpot Prize”).

(b) Users with less than seven correctly predicted scores will not receive any prize if all seven Matches take place and complete.

(c) If less than seven Matches take place and complete, the Jackpot Prize will be reduced in accordance with paragraphs 13.1 and 13.2 below.
9.4 Payment of any prize fund winnings will be rounded down to the nearest one pence. For example, a prize of £950.29762 will be rounded down to £950.29.


10.1 We presently award the first 10,000 users who enter any given Game a voucher to use with Uber Eats (“Uber Eats Voucher”). The value of the Uber Eats Voucher will be prominently advertised before each Game on the Platform and may vary.

10.2 Each Uber Eats Voucher is valid until the next Saturday midnight immediately after your Game entry is submitted – if your Game entry is submitted on a Saturday this will be midnight on that same day. Please note that the validity is fixed and that it cannot be extended in accordance with when you submit your Game entry or when you access the Uber Eats Voucher.

10.3 Additional terms may apply to the redemption of the Uber Eats Vouchers (including Uber’s own terms) and therefore you are strongly encourage to review all information presented alongside the Uber Eats Voucher.


11.1 The result of each Match is determined in accordance with the rules in section 8 above.

11.2 If one or more users correctly predicts the score of all Matches in a Game then each user predicting
all the scores will win an equal share of the Jackpot Prize.

11.3 Notwithstanding the above, additional prizes may be introduced and awarded at our sole discretion. Any further terms / rules for such additional prizes will be published by us as and when applicable.


12.1 Following each Game, we will closely review the results (checking in particular for any breaches of the Game Rules and Player Terms) and determine if there are any winners of the Jackpot Prize.

12.2 The Uber Eats Voucher and the Jackpot Prize are non-transferable and non-exchangeable.

12.3 Provided that you are one of the first 10,000 users to enter the applicable Game, the Uber Eats Voucher will be automatically made available to you once you have submitted your Game entry in accordance with paragraph 3.1 above. If you do not receive your Uber Eats Voucher, please contact customer support.

12.4 Due to their nature, Jackpot Prizes will be subject to additional checks and winners may be required to provide further information and / or documentation to verify their identity, age, residence and any other reasonably requested information to our satisfaction.

12.5 Jackpot Prize winners will be notified by email or telephone (as registered on their Account) within 28 days of us determining the Jackpot winner and asked at that time to provide any information / documentation required for verification purposes in accordance with paragraph 12.4 above. It is each user’s sole responsibility to ensure that their contact details are up to date and to check their email or telephone so that they can respond to our communications.

12.6 Subject to timely provision of information / documentation where requested, Jackpot Prizes will be paid directly to the winners by bank transfer within 28 days. Note that:

12.6.1 The Jackpot Prize will be paid via bank transfer to a bank account nominated by the winner; and

12.6.2 if the winner cannot provide a bank account held directly in his or her own name within a timely manner of being contacted by the Promoter, the Promoter reserves the right to disqualify the winner, in which case any prize will be forfeited.

12.7 If the winner of a Jackpot Prizes is not able, for any reason, to accept a prize (including by failure to respond to our communications within three months), verify in a timely manner any information requested by us to our satisfaction, or has been found to have breached the Player Terms and / or Game Rules, then the winner will be disqualified and the Jackpot Prize will be forfeited. Accordingly, we may withhold delivery of a Jackpot Prize until we have received a response and / or the requested verification evidence (where required) and an unreasonably lengthy delay (over three months) in responding or providing such evidence may result in forfeiture of the Jackpot Prize.


13.1 If one of the Matches is abandoned, postponed or not completed:
If one Match is postponed, abandoned or Regular Time is not completed for any reason, and the affected Match is not fully played on the same calendar day in the event of re-arrangement, the Match will be void for the purposes of the Game and the Jackpot Prize will be reduced to £100,000.

13.2 If more than one of the Matches is abandoned, postponed or not completed:
If two Matches are postponed, abandoned or Regular Time is not completed for any reason, and the effected Matches are not fully played on the same calendar day in the event of re-arrangement, the Matches will be void for the purposes of the Game and the Jackpot Prize will be reduced to £20,000. If more than two Matches are postponed, abandoned or Regular Time is not completed for any reason, and the affected Matches are not fully played on the same calendar day in the event of re-arrangement, the entire Game will be void and no Jackpot Prize will be available.

13.3 If one of the Matches goes to extra time and / or penalties:
Any extra time or penalties will not be taken into account. It is the score at the end of Regular Time which counts.

13.4 If more than one person correctly predicts all seven scores:
The Jackpot Prize will be shared equally by all those correctly guessing all seven scores.

13.5 If no-one correctly predicts all seven scores:
The Jackpot Prize will not be awarded. There is no consolation prize for the next best (sorry!) and the Jackpot Prize does not ‘roll over’ to the next Game.

13.6 If the result of a football match is amended afterwards by the governing body:
We settle Matches based on the result at the end of Regular Time. We do not take into account any adjustments made to the score afterwards including where, for example, a win is later awarded because a team fielded an ineligible player.

13.7 What happens if I made a mistake with my entry, can I amend it?
We do not allow users to amend their Game entry after it has been submitted. Sorry!

13.8 I selected all my Game entries, but forgot to submit my entry at the end before the deadline. Can I still take part?
Only users who have submitted their Game entry before the advertised deadline will be to take part. Sorry!

13.9 What if there is an error with settlement?
In the rare event that we settle a Match incorrectly, we will look into the matter promptly and resettle the Match correctly. The leaderboard will be updated to reflect any resettlement.


14.1 In the interests of fairness and integrity, we do not generally intend to (a) remove a Game after participants (including you) have been invited to enter; or (b) cancel a Game entry after submission.

14.2 We do however reserve the right to refuse further entries at our sole discretion (on which see paragraph 3.3 above) and we may also cancel / void, suspend or adjust any Game:

14.2.1 to correct any obvious errors;

14.2.2 to maintain integrity and fairness;

14.2.3 in accordance with paragraphs 13.1 and 13.2, if there has been a change to the format of the football match such that the Game can no longer be run or a Match no longer takes place.

14.3 We may further cancel, revoke, withhold, suspend, or otherwise adjust any Game entry (and any related winnings or transactions) and/or suspend or cancel your Account where:

14.3.1 law and regulation requires that we do so;

14.3.2 we ask for further verification from you, which is not forthcoming;

14.3.3 we know or have reasonable cause to suspect that you have cheated, or have attempted to cheat, in a Game, or engages in activity which contradicts the fundament premise of any Game on the Platform;

14.3.4 we know or have reasonable cause to suspect that you have or have attempted to collude, or you and other individuals have colluded or attempted to collude in, influencing or attempting to influence the outcome of a Game (regardless if any such attempt was successful);

14.3.5 we know or have reasonable cause to suspect that you have engaged, or attempted to engage in fraud, criminal or other illegal practice;

14.3.6 you have more than one account at any one time;

14.3.7 you are located in a Prohibited Territory;

14.3.8 you are found to be in breach of the Player Terms (including these Game Rules);

14.3.9 there is an obvious error (including, without limitation, software errors, glitches, bugs, system errors, software compromise or any other unforeseen event/ circumstance which causes or contributes to an error);

14.3.10 there is a breach of paragraph 14.4 below; or

14.3.11 we wish to (or are otherwise required to) make further enquiries as to any of the above.

14.4 If we believe an entry has been placed in contravention of the rules of a sports’ governing body or other relevant professional body.


15.1 In addition to the Prohibited Territories set out at the foot of the Player Terms, the following territories are also ‘prohibited’ in relation to this Platform:

15.1.1 all territories worldwide except the United Kingdom.